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The San Antonio Spurs Make History!

What's up people! My name is Jaipal and today I'm going to bring you major news concerning the Spurs-Lakers. The San Antonio Spurs have made history by sweeping the Los Angeles Lakers (my least favorite team) in the first round of the playoffs. The last time this happened was back in 1967 when the San Francisco Warriors defeated the Lakers 3-0 (games were best of 5 back then). The Spurs are the second team to sweep their opponent with the Miami Heat being the first. Reasons for the Lakers terrible loss would be that most of their key players were either injured or ejected. Steve Blake, Jodie Meeks, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Ron Artest were all injured. Dwight Howard was ejected midway in the 3rd quarter as he had acquired 2 technical fouls. The Spurs can now rest up so Parker and Ginobili can become healthier from their injuries they suffered late in the regular season. The best player for the Lakers was Pau Gasol and Goudlocke was second (he's the D-League MVP, which you probably haven't heard of, which explains why he comes off the bench). As for the contracts with the Lakers, the only Laker that has been assured to remain in Los Angeles is Steve Nash. Every other key player's contract ends this season. I really hope that Dwight goes to Houston, as Asik just sucks bad. Dwight will probably demand a ton of money, and I really hope that Harden and Lin are ok with dividing their pay so he can play. It gives them a better chance at winning a lot more games. As for Kobe, he'll most likely remain a Laker and retire after this season because that injury of his is much worse than Rose's (considering injury and age). This is all I've got for now. See ya!