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The Memphis Grizzlies

What's up people! My name is Jaipal and today, I'm going to bring you my knowledge, thoughts, and opinions on the Memphis Grizzlies. There will also be a later post. I know that I didn't post anything for a while, so here is my consolation for you people.

Anyways, the Memphis Grizzlies are the 5th seed in the Western Conference, who are currently playing the 4th seed Los Angeles Clippers (series is tied 2-2). Now both teams have won from the home court, so if that's the routine, then the Clippers will clinch the series in the 7th game. The Memphis Grizzlies have sent a message to the viewers who actually watch the games that they are not going to allow a repeat of what happened last year, and reasons being would be the effort of some of their star players. Their starting lineup: Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, Zach Randolph, Tayshaun Prince, and Tony Allen. Marc Gasol (brother of Laker Pau Gasol, who got swept!) is arguably the best passing center in the league. The alternative would be Joakim Noah. Now this dude is a beast with defensive boards, allowing his team to retain possession, which prevents the opposing team, in this case the Clippers, from getting second-chance points through offensive boards. The leading scorer for this team is Zach Randolph, a power forward who is the opposite of Gasol in rebounding: Gasol is defensive, Randolph is offensive. This dude is a monster in the paint. Whichever team plays the Grizzlies should consider the paint sacred ground and should ultimately prevent this man or machine or maniac from scoring, which he does on a consistent basis. Mike Conley is one of the most underrated players in the playoffs this season (the most underrated team in the playoffs are the San Antonio Spurs, I'll explain in a much later post). The dude is one of the best shotmakers for himself and his teammates in the league. He averages about 9.3 assists per game and about 17.1 points for himself, which adds up to about 26.4 points because of this dude's ability. This is what I'm talking about how he's underrated. Tony Allen used to play for the Boston Celtics, but the Grizzlies acquired him as a free agent and he's been making for them (and himself) ever since. The dude is a pickpocket, stealing the ball and always leading to either a score or a foul on the fast break, which can be lethal because it's considered a morale boost for the player's team. As for Tayshaun Prince, the dude is Kevin Martin skinny but, just like him, he's the shooter on the team. He plays as small forward and he can make three's if he isn't defended properly.

As for important players off the bench, I believe that the most important Jerryd Bayless. He's like the Jeff Green of the Grizzlies. I believe that pretty sums it up. Green plays like an offensive beast, which is exactly what Bayless delivers. I believe that the Grizzlies should look for a better back up point guard in the upcoming draft. Again, I don't know which players have declared for the draft, but once I find out, I will post an NBA mock draft. But let me tell you one thing, the Memphis Grizzlies want revenge against the Clippers! See ya next post!