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The Atlanta Hawks

What's up people! My name is Jaipal and and today (2nd post of the day) I'm going to bring you my knowledge, thoughts, and opinions on the Atlanta Hawks. As you may know, I've been to game two of the Pacers-Hawks series. I've never seen the Hawks play in person. Just the Lakers, Pacers, and Rockets back when I lived in California.

Anyways, the currently 6th seed Hawks are losing to the 3rd seed Indiana Pacers 2-0. As you may know, I've deemed them the 2013 NBA Champions with an upset win over the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. Now the Hawks' starting lineup: Josh Smith, Devon Harris, Al Horford, Jeff Teague, and Kyle Korver. Boy does Indy hate Korver. Josh Smith is the star of the Hawks, as he is one of the best power forwards in the league. He gets in shots, rebounds, jams, and some occasional blocks. He's also the only player on the Hawks who wears a headband while playing, if you wanted to know.. He does get into foul trouble easily, though. That's his only flaw. He had 5 fouls in the Pacers game. Devon Harris is the shooting guard, and he can break ankles to create some space if he has to. The dude is a shooter, as is expected of a shooting guard. Kyle Korver is small forward for the team and Indy hates him because he has made so many clutch threes against the Pacers back when he played for the Chicago Bulls. Al Horford is a center and he hasn't quite bounced back to his best playing ability after he had suffered a pectoral tear last season. He came back to play the Boston Celtics in the playoffs, only to lose, of course. As for Jeff Teague, I have deemed him to be the worst starting point guard in the NBA. The dude averages about 15 points per game, but he misses easy shots and averages about 5 turnovers a game, too high for a point guard. Sorry if this offends any Hawks fans, but it's the sad truth.

Notable players off the bench would be DeSean Stevenson (an excellent veteran shooter, especially back when he played for Dallas when they won the 2011 Championship against the Heat) and Ivan Johnson, who is also a great shooter and a great rebounder. These dudes are consistent for bench players. I believe that the Hawks should look for a better bench point guard. Most people would say Trey Burke, but he's probably going to be selected earlier than you think, and Atlanta isn't going to have that early of a draft pick, most likely pick # 21 or # 22. I'll do some more research on this topic just to tell you guys how things'll work out. See ya!