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The Los Angeles Lakers

What's up people! My name is Jaipal and today I will bring to you my knowledge, thoughts, and opinions on the Los Angeles Lakers (who happen to be my least favorite team)! Obviously, there will be some hate remarks, but there are credentials.

Anyways, let's begin with their starting lineup: Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, Ron Artest (I still detest the fact that his name is Metta World Peace), and either Jodie Meeks or Earl Clark. The most popular player that everyone knows on the Lakers is Kobe Bryant. He is out with a ruptured achilles and he injured it in the simplest and most unlikely way ever. Most people may not like this, but I believe that Kobe is most likely going to retire because of this injury. He's in his 17th season in the NBA as he was drafted in 1996. His goal was simple: to beat Jordan's record and attain over six titles. He has attained five already, and it's unlikely that he'll earn another one. He's an old dude and his body hican't keep up with his mentality. This is why the Lakers will lose the next game against the Spurs and will be swept, as I had predicted earlier. As for Dwight Howard, he's an immature, fun-loving dude who is awesome. Averaging the most rebounds in the NBA, there's a reason most deem him to be the best center in the NBA at present (I disagree: Brook Lopez all the way). He used to play for the Orlando Magic, back when Stan Van Gundy was coach. But he signed with the Lakers, and the Magic have been sucking since. I mean, one season without the guy and you end up having the worst record in the NBA. Learn something from Charlotte, Orlando. Then everyone thought that it was going to be the same between Kobe and Dwight as it was between Kobe and Shaq. That has been deemed false. Dwight Howard is an excellent player who has been undermined due to his childlike enthusiasm. I am bewildered, however, at the fact that Superman kept on complaining about his shoulder (that Kryptonite, man)! As for Pau Gasol, he is my least favorite player on the Lakers as a player. As a person, he's OK. He's too soft for a power forward. Nash has got bigger balls than this dude. Pau Gasol is probably the most inagressive power forward in the NBA. Is he afraid that he'll hurt somebody! Isn't that what power forwards do, drive to the basket without giving a s***? Guess not. Steve Nash is an old-fashioned point guard. He also signed with the Lakers after leaving the Phoenix Suns for them. Guess he really likes being swept by other teams in the Playoffs. He is a consistent shooter and recently achieved the milestone of having the 4th most assists in NBA career history (the first would be John Stockton, of course). As for Jodie Meeks and Earl Clark, they're two young players who are good shooters and drivers (not NASCAR; do they look like red-necks to you?). These dudes are switched out depending on which team they're playing. Otherwise, Kobe would be taking their place. As for Ron Artest, I don't like talking about fa***** on blogs.

Notable players off of the bench would be Antawn Jamison and Steve Blake. Antawn Jamison is an excellent back up center and Steve Blake is like Shane Battier, except he plays for the Lakers. Basically, he excels at spot-up threes.

By the way, that Pacers game was excellent last night. Crushed the Hawks. Man, Indy sure does hate Kyle Korver. I feel pretty bad for the guy. Ha ha, as if! Sucks to suck. See ya! I promise I will post two things tomorrow on the 6th seeds!