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The Boston Celtics

What's up people! My name is Jaipal and today, I'm going to share with you my knowledge, thoughts, and opinions about the Boston Celtics (currently losing in the series against the Knicks; Knicks lead 2-0) because one viewer left a comment stating Boston Celtics. I told you comments make a difference.

Anyways, the Boston Celtics are ranked the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference with the Milwaukee Bucks being the 8th. They are currently playing the New York Knicks in the playoffs, where the Knicks lead the series 2-0. I guess the first thing should be the Celtics' starting lineup: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Courtney Lee, Brandon Bass, and Avery Bradley. Let's start with Paul Pierce. He's a veteran player for the Celtics who won the 2008 NBA Championship along with KG, Rajon Rondo (out with torn ACL), and Ray Allen (plays for Miami Heat). Paul Pierce is an inspiration. I shall explain. Those people out there who are slow and unathletic but still dream of making the NBA, just follow Pierce's example because he has to deal with it everyday. He is, however, the most clutch player in all of NBA. Forget Kid Clutch (Kevin Durant), it's all about Grandpa Clutch. One of the most infamous players for the Celtics is Kevin Garnett. Acquired through a trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kevin Garnett has shown the world that he's got game. Being a veteran, he and Pierce are the leaders of the team now after Ray Allen's departure from Boston. He has an awesome mid-range jumper. When he's on the court, it should be illegal because there can be only 5 players on the court. But with him, there are six because his ego is just too damn big. Courtney Lee is the backup point guard who now starts as Rajon Rondo (arguably the best point guard in the NBA) is out with a torn ACL (just like Derrick Rose and Danilo Gallinari). Brandon Bass is the power forward. He's big and bulky and he can make shots if you don't contest him. Now Avery Bradley is in his 2nd season in the NBA. Last year, he had dislocated both his shoulders and they would pop out at random. He got surgery and now he's playing like a defensive and offensive beast (Dwight Howard's the exception. Those shoulders, man!). He is by far my favorite player coming off for the Celtics and my reason is plain and simple. He's the only player that is prominent on both sides of the court and he excels at what he does. Some would argue that KG is also a great defender, but proportionally, Bradley wins.

As for the bench, notable players would be Jeff Green and Jason Terry. Jeff Green has made amazing progress, especially he was in danger of dying prior to having heart surgery. The doctors said that he might not be able to play again, but guess they turned out to be wrong (lucky for the Celtics). This dude is their leading scorer off the bench, and there are other reasons why he's extremely talented. His freakish athletic ability allows him to excel in all aspects of basketball, be it assists or blocks, this dude can manage it all. Now Jason Terry has recently been getting crapped on by various players in the league (most notable would be LeBron James (Heat) and Kenyon Martin (Knicks)). But this doesn't change the fact that Jason Terry is an extremely talented shooter, especially back when he played for the Dallas Mavericks (who won the 2011 NBA Championship). They had defeated the Miami Heat to attain the title. That was when both Jason Terry and Jason Kidd played for them. But he's busy playing for the Celtics as of this moment, and he's pretty swell at getting crapped on, I must say.

This has been Jaipal and what he believes are the Boston Celtics. I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have, and hopefully you don't take my opinions the wrong way as this is a blog and that is its purpose. See ya! I'm going to the Pacers game today versus the Hawks.