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Reasons for the Playoff Predictions

What's up people! My name is Jaipal and today, I'll give you the reasons why I chose what teams based off of which teams are playing today. Tomorrow will be the same. Sorry about the late post, I was a bit busy.

Anyways, let's start off with the first matchup of the day. The series between the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks. As you might know from the earlier post, I chose the Knicks to be the winner. In the 1st game, which has already happened, the Knicks came out on top with a score of 85-76. Now, the reason why I chose the Knicks is not just because of the Celtics being 7th seed and the Knicks the 2nd. The reason is how each team plays and who plays for each team. Now let's start with the Knicks. Carmelo Anthony would be posted up by Paul Pierce. Now Carmelo has won the scoring title and he was showing it early in the 1st quarter with those three-balls. Raymond Felton would be posted up by Avery Bradley, not Courtney Lee as most would think. Raymond is known for his ability to shoot and drive to the basket, which is why a speedy, defensive player like Bradley would be optimal. It was kind of the opposite when Raymond blocked Bradley's shot and forced a 24-second violation. Tyson Chandler would post up against Kevin Garnett. Now my favorite player for the Knicks has just come off a recent neck and partial ACL tear injuries. He's not at his best. Which is the reason why Kenyon Martin played 28 minutes and Chandler played just 20. Martin sure is making use of those 10-day contracts. That block on Jason "The Jet" Terry was beast. The jet has just crashed. Iman Shumpert has also come back from an injury, and what he delivers are attacks at the rim, which can help a team win in the battle for the paint. The Celtics, if they want to win, have to place Garnett on Anthony and Pierce on Chandler. Pierce and Chandler are both slow (Chandler because he came off of an injury and Pierce because he's Pierce). If the Celtics want to win, they've got to nail their three's.

The 2nd game of the day was between the Golden State Warriors and the Denver Nuggets. The team I chose, the Denver Nuggets, won today, but narrowly. The teams were tied 65-65, but Lawson scored a layup with about a second remaining in the 4th quarter. The Warriors weren't able to respond, giving the Nuggets the win. The reasons I believe the Nuggets will win this series is because of their ability to find shots. Now one would argue that they are weak on the offense without Danilo Gallinari, the Italian who can score, and Kenneth Faried, the manimal who has a huge defensive presence. These guys both got injured a little bit before the playoffs began. Then again, the Nuggets still have Corey Brewer, JaVale McGee, Evan Fournier, Wilson Chandler, and Ty Lawson. Ty Lawson was dishing himself up some assists for dinner. And for dessert, scoring seemed adequate. That game winner was just the cherry on top! JaVale McGee is a freak athlete. Did you see that block early in the 1st. The refs called him for goaltending, but to be able to get that high for a guy his size is insane! Wilson Chandler has the ability to find himself a good place to shoot from. Now about the Warriors. Now the Warriors are a team of shooters, but I wasn't seeing a lot of it. Stephen Curry, who recently made NBA history with the most threes made in the regular season, was shooting impossible shots, which he does on a regular basis. But players like Klay Thompson and David Lee didn't have that shooting extravaganza that we're accustomed to seeing whenever the Warriors play. Now about Andrew Bogut. I don't believe he offers much except for a body on the court. I understand that some may argue he was the number one pick in the 2005 NBA Draft, but he just isn't the same player he used to be back when he played for the Milwaukee Bucks. These teams are as even as even can get, so the game winner by Ty Lawson sent a message to all Nugget fans that they are here to win!

Next up is the matchup between the Brooklyn Nets and the Chicago Bulls. I missed the game and I was so pissed off! I still don't even know who the hell won! But I'm going to assume it was the Nets, as I have them winning and because I believe in their ability to defeat the Bulls. Brook Lopez, my favorite center in the NBA, probably had it easy as Joakim Noah is out. That makes two elite players for the Bulls out, Noah and Rose. He most likely had a lot of points in the paint. Now for the matchup between Deron Williams and Kirk Hinrich. Deron Williams is a chubby point guard, and Hinrich is a veteran player with a pair of awesome goggles. I think that Williams would probably win. I don't like him as he is extremely overrated in every category, but it's the sad truth. Now the not always successful playmaker for the Nets, Gerald Wallace. This dreadful dude (get it, dreadful) loves to be able to drive to the basket and score a layup. He seems to be a better facilitator than anything else, but I really love his confidence. As for the Bulls, the dude who's going to have to step up his game is LOL. If you've seen my recent posts, you know who I'm talking about. From Sudan, this dude has to be a shooter his team can look out for. Carlos Boozer has to make sure all his attacks, if not most, are successful, as these can allow for a huge advantage in scoring for the Bulls.

And finally, the final matchup between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Los Angeles Clippers! This is currently going on and I can hear the noise from my T.V. in the background. I chose the Grizzlies to win this series based off of two reasons: they lost to the Clippers last year in the playoffs and they really want some revenge. My justification? Look at the centers for both teams. Marc Gasol and DeAndre Jordan. Jordan has an amazing ability to block and dunk , but this can't compare with Marc Gasol's status as the best passing center in the league (arguably, so is Joakim Noah). Free throws are a whole different story. As for the point guards, everyone's probably heard of Chris Paul, but what about Mike Conley? This is my reasoning for the Grizzlies winning. The Clippers' popularity will bring their downfall since they're a fan favorite team, putting a lot of pressure on them. By the way, Chris Paul is one of the shortest point guards who I have never seen getting rejected!? Have you? Please tell me in the comments section. Now for the power forward matchups between Zach Randolph and Blake Griffin. For those of you who don't know Randolph's game, he is a guy who has a consistent mid-range jumper, and he really carries the team in offensive boards. Blake Griffin leads the NBA in dunks made, and there's the reason why Lob City will be an extremely tough opponent as the Grizzlies aren't what are known as jammers.

Thanks for reading and viewing! I'm really serious about the comments section. If I don't receive any, I won't talk about the teams that aren't mentioned. The things you tell me will affect what this blog show, so seriously post comments! You guys are awesome. Tomorrow, I'll tell you about the other matchups and my reasonings for who wins. See you tomorrow!