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NBA Playoff Predictions

What's up people! My name is Jaipal, here to bring you the knowledge of any team in the NBA, based off the comments box. If I don't receive any comments, I may not do a segment on all teams, as it may not appeal to most viewers. Please do leave comments. I appreciate it.

Anyways, today is April 19th and tomorrow is 4/20 (Tee hee). That means you can sit back and bend and chop to your delight. It is also the day that the playoffs begin! This post will tell you what I think will happen and who will be the 2013 NBA Champion.

Let's start off with the West. Now there are some games today that may decide on what team gets to advance. For example, with the conflict between the Rockets and the Lakers, whichever team is 8th seed will be sweeped by the Thunder. However, the Lakers will lose whether they're 8th or even 7th seed (against San Antonio). If the Rockets take back their 7th spot, then they actually have a chance of defeating San Antonio. So the Thunder will beat the 8th seed and move on (either team will be sweeped). Here are the listings: OKC vs. 8th seed = OKC, San Antonio vs. Lakers = San Antonio (San Antonio vs. Houston = Houston), Nuggets vs. Warriors = Nuggets, Clippers vs. Grizzlies = Clippers. You may not like what happens in the Western Conference, but this is my prediction.

Western Conference 1st Round:

Thunder             San Antonio          Nuggets        Clippers

Rockets             Lakers                  Warriors        Grizzlies

Thunder             San Antonio          Nuggets         Grizzlies

Western Conference Semifinals:

Thunder                             Nuggets

Grizzlies                            Spurs

Thunder                             Spurs

Western Conference Finals:

Thunder vs. Spurs = Spurs

Some of you maybe thinking that my predictions are based off of several upsets, but in reality, I believe that each matchup winner has the capability to make it to the next level. I'll elaborate on my choices in my next post. Now on to the Eastern Conference.

The team that everybody thinks is going to win the NBA Championship are the Miami Heat. My predictions are based off of actual information, not just me hoping for it to happen. I am also tired of seeing the same thing, so the Thunder and the Heat in the finals (with the Heat winning) would not be on my bucket list. I really hope that the Heat will lose the playoffs. I sound like a hater, but in truth, I love LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. One player on the Heat, if he hadn't been traded, would probably making his team a possible contender. Rashard Lewis used to play for the Orlando Magic. That was back when the Magic actually made the NBA finals and lost to the Lakers in the '10 season. Their big three were Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, and Jameer Nelson. The Magic were a killer team. They still are, even though they lost Howard and Lewis. Jameer still plays for them. But I believe that their best player is Tobias Harris. The dude is a boss. The Heat narrowly beat the Magic during the regular season when Miami had that killer streak. My predictions for the Eastern Conference may not be in your favor, but it is my honest belief that is what will happen.

Eastern Conference 1st Round:

Heat             Knicks         Pacers          Nets

Bucks          Celtics         Hawks           Bulls

Heat             Knicks         Pacers          Nets

Eastern Conference Semifinals:

Heat            Pacers

Nets            Knicks

Heat            Pacers

Eastern Conference Finals:

Heat vs. Pacers = Pacers

That's right. My NBA final teams are the San Antonio Spurs and the Indiana Pacers (no bias, just honest opinion).

2013 NBA Finals:

Spurs vs. Pacers = Pacers

2013 NBA Finals Champion: Indiana Pacers

Thanks for tuning in. If the way I showed my matchups are too confusing, the way it works is by columns. The two teams that verse each other are grouped by columns with the winner at the bottom. Thanks for reading! I will post a couple things tomorrow.