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NBA Playoffs Layout: Eastern Conference

What's up people! My name is Jaipal and, with this post, I will inform you about the standings in the Eastern Conference, as my last post was centered on the West. I've got some bad news. Unfortunately, the Houston Rockets are now the 8th seed in the West. Although they have the same record as the Lakers (44-37), the tiebreaker process used enabled the Lakers to have the 7th spot and the Rockets are stuck at the 8th.

Anyways, most of the teams that are at present being discussed contain some big time players that you may have heard of if you aren't a complete genius when it comes to basketball. The 1st seed in the east are the Miami Heat. These guys are a roster full of freaks of nature that were put together to win as many games and titles as possible. Their starting lineup: Mario Chalmers, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Udonis Haslem. LeBron James doesn't really need words for one to know what this guy brings to the Heat. He leads the team in almost every category except for years played and titles won. Dwyane Wade is amazing. He's a great pickpocketer and can cause a tremendous fast break as Miami is one of the best transition teams in the NBA. The fast breaks usually end with a royal dunk. Chris Bosh is extremely important for the Heat. His greatest ability is to shoot the ball and the offensive boards. This kills a team who usually has a comfortable lead until this guy starts to make them hurt. He's got a really weird-shaped face, though. Their bench consists of amazing three-point shooters such as Ray Allen, Mike Miller, Rashard Lewis, and James Jones. Their back up point guard, Norris Cole, is also becoming a valuable asset as he can steal the ball and deliver passes when and where they need to be.

The 2nd seed in the east are the New York Knicks. Now these guys are freaking awesome. Their starting lineup: Raymond Felton, Iman Shumpert, Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler, and Royce White. Carmelo Anthony (Melo, melo, melo...) is a boss. The dude can shoot and he's an optimal power forward. He's recently been named the scoring champion and I can vouch for the fact that he definitely deserves it. Tyson Chandler, is my favorite player on the Knicks. Defensive Player of the Year last season and a 1st time all-star this year (well deserved), the guy is amazing. The Knicks have recently kicked up their dunking extravaganza and have recently had big wins in the regular season against the Heat and the Celtics. Now, one of the most important players that comes off the bench for the Knicks is J. R. Smith. The dude is clutch. He is the guy who should win the Sixth Man of the Year award this season. The guy can shoot, dunk, juke, and lay it in as if he was born doing it (which he probably was). If you're wondering about Amar'e Stoudemire, the dude is injured. Plus, I'm honestly not a big fan of his work.

The 3rd seed in the east are the Indiana Pacers. Now, since I live in Indiana, I'm a fan of the Pacers themselves and love everything about them. Their starting lineup: George Hill, Lance Stephenson, David West, Paul George, and Roy Hibbert. George Hill always has the same expression on his face throughout the game, although he does express emotions. Paul George is a beast. The dude is a shooter, he can jam, and he even has a few circus shots that somehow go in. David West is a great player. Acquired from a trade with what will become the New Orleans Pelicans (I'm so scared). He gets boards and he has this hook shot which is almost always guaranteed to go in. Roy Hibbert is a 7'1" center who his pretty awesome. I love it when the teams go to the opposite end of the court and he's always lagging behind. The dude loves going off of his right shoulder to hook a shot which usually goes in. The player that I am most impressed with this season is Lance Stephenson. As Danny Granger has been out for most of the season, the Pacers needed someone who could keep them in it. Paul George and Lance Stephenson have been those guys. Dudes off the bench that excel would be  Ian Mahinmi and Tyler Hansbrough (who can relate to Chris Bosh with having a weird face also). These guys are a definite contender for the Eastern Conference title.

The 4th seed in the East are the Brooklyn Nets. One of my favorite players in the league plays for this team. Their starting lineup: Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, and MarShon Brooks. The favorite player is Brook Lopez. I believe him to be, at present, the best center in the NBA. No offense to Tyson Chandler or Dwight Howard, but this guy should have his picture in the dictionary for the word center (Center: the middle of something). What he does is inexplicable for me, but just watch him play and I can promise that you'll love him. I know a lot of people love D. Williams, but I just don't see it. He's just an overly pudgy point guard who had just recently made his first dunk of the season and is completely overrated on every account. By the way, Brook Lopez also had his first all-star appearance this season, just like Chandler (only because Rondo became injured and he was the alternate). Joe Johnson is a great player, but I'm not a huge fan. He can shoot, but that's all I think he has the capability to do. I love Gerald Wallace. The guy can make plays, although they aren't always successful. Their bench has good player like Kris Humphries and C. J. Watson, who aren't the best, but they're reliable.

The 5th seed in the East are the Chicago Bulls. I know. Everyone's been wondering when the hell is Derrick Rose going to come back and play. After the torn ACL Rose suffered in the first round of the playoffs last year against the 76ers (the bulls lost that series: first win Philly had in years), he hasn't played since. People should get off his back. The guy may be ready physically, but mentally, he just isn't ready after what had happened to him. At present, their starting lineup: Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah (who's out: most likely replacement going to be Nazr Mohammed), Kirk Hinrich, and Taj Gibson. Since the Bulls have lost two of their most productive players, it is essential that they step up their game. Luol "LOL" Deng (LOL is my nickname for him) is a really good shooter and is now the backbone for the team. Boozer takes a lot of shots, which miss a lot, but he does draw a lot of fouls for a guy his size. Kirk Hinrich has had to step up his game with Rose's injury and all, and he's been doing a hell of a job. He's the main reason the Bulls have been even a seed (to be 5th is just unimaginable). Off the bench, they got Nate Robinson, who is famous for winning the dunk contest even though he's only 5'9". Plus, they also got Daequan Cook, who I believe will be key to the Bull's success in the playoffs.

The 6th seed in the East are the Atlanta Hawks (funny how Atlanta's sports teams are birds of prey: Atlanta Falcons +Hawks). Their starting lineup: Josh Smith, Al Horford, Jeff Teague, Kyle Korver, and Devon Harris. Now, I'm not really a big fan of the Hawks, as they don't have much to commend them except Horford and Korver. Josh Smith is a really good player, but if he wants a title, he better tell coach they need a better point guard. Jeff Teague is fast, but that's about it. I believe the guy should retire as soon as he gets the chance, because if he doesn't do anything soon about the way he plays, he's going to be in trouble. Horford is at his best when he is put in as center. Korver is all about making them shots. He is a pro, lilterally! I know the Pacers will crush the Hawks when the playoffs begin this Saturday. Ah, man, I can't wait! I'm getting giddy, like a prissy schoolgirl, almost like a pansy xD. By the way, Hawks are not all that great.

The 7th seed in the East are the Boston Celtics. Everyone probably knows how Rajon Rondo is out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL (this is an epidemic, man: Danilo Gallinari, Rajon Rondo, even Tyson Chandler with a partial tear). Kobe's special. He went and tore his achilles, not the ACL. Their starting lineup: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Courtney Lee, Avery Bradley, and Brandon Bass. Here is an inspirational message to all you folks out there. If you are slow and unathletic and still want to play in the NBA, just look at what Paul Pierce does. He has to deal with it every day. The dude is clutch, though. Kevin Garnett is scary man, and not just cause of his mug. The dude has an amazing mid-range jumper. Plus, he can get on the inside without breaking a sweat. Now Avery Bradley is my favorite player for this team. With this season being his second year, and coming off of shoulder surgery, the guy has been a tremendous defensive presence (learn something Dwight: must have gotten a little Kryptonite on that shoulder, huh). The guy blocks, forces turnovers, and has been developing a shot which is now money for the Celtics. Although Boston has a gigantic fanbase, we all know how it's going to end.

The 8th seed in the East are the Milwaukee Bucks. Their starting lineup: Brandon Jennings, Monta Ellis, Ersan Ilyasova, Samuel Dalembert, and Larry Sanders. Now the most consistent of the group would be Jennings and Ellis. Jennings is a beast point guard. The dude can pass and score and run all over the place. He is one of their best players. Ellis, who used to play for the Golden State Warriors, is a legitimate asset as he is their leading scorer. They recently acquired Marquis Daniels, who used to play for the 7th seed Boston Celtics. He is now in a better place (he isn't dead). He can offer the Bucks what they've been needing. He is someone who would be considered a great player off the bench. They should look for someone who can score, pass, and have size in the draft.

Well, this has been my knowledge of what the Eastern Conference has to offer. In my next post, I will tell you predictions for what is going to happen in the playoffs and who'll end up taking it all. This is me saying goodbye. I will be back though, I promise.