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The Brooklyn Nets

What's up people! My name is Jaipal and today (in my second post) I'm going to bring you my knowledge, thoughts, and opinions on the Brooklyn Nets. Comments, seriously. I'm getting a few, but I could use more.

Anyways, the Brooklyn Nets are the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference, who are currently playing the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls lead the series 3-2 and they play tonight. Let's see if it's a clincher or if it goes to a game 7. Their starting lineup: Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, and Reggie Evans. Deron Williams is someone I consider to be overrated. I don't like him. But I can't deny that he used to be a beast back when he played for the Utah Jazz. Back then, he was healthy. But right now, he isn't the high caliber player he used to be back in Utah. Brook Lopez, as you may know, is my all time favorite center in the league. He averages about 12-13 rebounds per game (more than Bogut, Kyle) and a nice 17 points per game. He has seriously upped his game this season, as he is now a rising star in the NBA. His brother, not so much (Robin Lopez on the Hornets is the worst defender in the NBA). You guys should seriously look up the power song intro to the playoffs on YouTube, if you haven't already seen it. Joe Johnson used to play for the Atlanta Hawks, but he got traded. He is amazing, especially with those buzzer beaters of his, which always seem to happen. They lost that triple OT game against Chicago, but he still allowed that to even happen in the first place. He is an amazing all-star who has the ability to create some space. Gerald Wallace is one of the fastest players in the NBA, and he's also a sometimes successful playmaker. He is awesome, as he can draw fouls on you pretty easily. Reggie Evans is a big, bald, black man with a beard who is extremely powerful and is an amazing rebounder, but a terrible shooter. He is key in second-chance points for the Nets. The Nets haven't really hit a hot streak as of yet, but if they play the way they did in Game 5, then they will kick butt.

Notable players off the bench would be CJ Watson, who is an amazing shooter. He is a beast veteran player who is an amazing leader for his teammates, as he offers experience to those beneath him. I understand that he is nearing his end, just like Richard Hamilton. They're probably going to have the same sendoff as Rasheed Wallace did, who retired this year while playing for the Knicks. This is my second post of the day and my final. See ya next post!

The Los Angeles Clippers

What's up people! My name is Jaipal and today I'm going to bring you my knowledge, thoughts, and opinions on the Los Angeles Clippers! Comments, seriously.

Anyways, the Los Angeles Clippers are currently playing the Memphis Grizzlies, who I have winning in this series. The Grizzlies currently lead the series 3-2. The Los Angeles Clippers are becoming more popular as they are now seeming to become the dominant team in LA. But what people don't realize is that the Clippers are inconsistent. They may be an amazing to team to watch, but it's always different in who has a spectacular game. Chris Paul may do terrible and Griffin may be a beast. Griffin might not have a single dunk and Paul might have 33 points. It just seesaws back and forth between the dominant players to see who is the actual star. The starting lineup: Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Caron Butler, and Chauncey Billups (who's back). Chris Paul was acquired in a trade with the New Orleans Hornets and he has been extremely beneficial for the Clippers, who made franchise history by actually having 50+ wins in a season. Chris Paul has been deemed to be the best point guard in the NBA. He is amazing, but let's not forget about Tony Parker (Spurs) and Rajon Rondo (Celtics). He has an incredibly high basketball IQ and he seems to have a very acute vision of the court. Blake Griffin is known for dunking. He plays power forward and he is the jammer of the league. He has become extremely popular among the new generation as most people now think that dunks are what basketball revolves around. Griffin has a one-sided game as most of his points come from inside the paint (either dunks or layups). He has the potential to become one of the best big-man shooters in the league, like Andre Bargnani of the Toronto Raptors. DeAndre Jordan is famous for his Knight-night dunk on Brandon Knight, the starting rookie point guard of the Detroit Pistons. He is also famous for the fact that he has the worst free throw percentage in the league. Dwight Howard is a sharpshooter compared to this guy. Caron Butler is an old guy who's primary job is to shoot and nothing else (he's adept at it). As for Chauncey Billups, I believe that he's the reason the Clippers are now lagging behind in their skill. They can easily beat the Grizzlies, but since Billups hasn't had much playing time, it would be smart for the Clippers if they put Willie Green back as a starter. Of course they're not going to listen because Chauncey won't probably agree, but this will become the Clippers' downfall.

Notable players off the bench would be Matt Barnes and Jamal Crawford. Matt Barnes used to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. He's pretty much still in the same place, but he now plays for a better team, as we have all seen during the regular and post seasons. Matt Barnes is an excellent scorer off the bench, averaging about 13.4 points per game. He is the most consistent player on the Clippers because he always has above 8 points a game, which is decent for a bench player. Jamal Crawford, a.k.a J-Crossover, is a shooting guard who will break your ankles and make you pay for your inability to keep up with his movements by scoring. This dude feels no remorse when you fall down and cry. This dude is awesome. I believe that if he's traded to any team that didn't make the playoffs, he will become an instant star for that team. He should go to either the Pistons or Bobcats, as he would make the money. See ya next post!

The San Antonio Spurs Make History!

What's up people! My name is Jaipal and today I'm going to bring you major news concerning the Spurs-Lakers. The San Antonio Spurs have made history by sweeping the Los Angeles Lakers (my least favorite team) in the first round of the playoffs. The last time this happened was back in 1967 when the San Francisco Warriors defeated the Lakers 3-0 (games were best of 5 back then). The Spurs are the second team to sweep their opponent with the Miami Heat being the first. Reasons for the Lakers terrible loss would be that most of their key players were either injured or ejected. Steve Blake, Jodie Meeks, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Ron Artest were all injured. Dwight Howard was ejected midway in the 3rd quarter as he had acquired 2 technical fouls. The Spurs can now rest up so Parker and Ginobili can become healthier from their injuries they suffered late in the regular season. The best player for the Lakers was Pau Gasol and Goudlocke was second (he's the D-League MVP, which you probably haven't heard of, which explains why he comes off the bench). As for the contracts with the Lakers, the only Laker that has been assured to remain in Los Angeles is Steve Nash. Every other key player's contract ends this season. I really hope that Dwight goes to Houston, as Asik just sucks bad. Dwight will probably demand a ton of money, and I really hope that Harden and Lin are ok with dividing their pay so he can play. It gives them a better chance at winning a lot more games. As for Kobe, he'll most likely remain a Laker and retire after this season because that injury of his is much worse than Rose's (considering injury and age). This is all I've got for now. See ya!